Projects & Grant Work


As a club we undertake lots of day to day maintenance of all the waters. We have a fisheries team who try and maintain everything without the help of others but occasionally we need to look for financial help, this is where Paul Brooker comes in. Paul joined the PDAS Committee in 2017 as a Grant Co-coordinator  and has already made a huge impact on the club with winning various grants. Here we will keep a list of projects undertaken that are above and beyond the normal day to day maintenance –


Tithe Barn Complex 2017

“The Tithe Barn lakes are usually good quality waters with consistent conditions. However the low water levels of 2016 have highlighted that a worse drought summer might cause eutrophication problems. The aeration is to insure against this in both the Bottom Lake and Middle lake.”

Here’s how we hope to combat the problem… Tithe Barn Aerators Project 2017