Right, a long day…. The Angling Trust have now changed the message on the website saying the following:

UPDATE: Q: Night Fishing – will it be allowed? A: Ok for now but….

Before the cheers of joy, please be aware that Boris will make a speech tomorrow night, and if he says people must be home over night then we will need to change the rules again. As of right now, Night Fishing is a GO! – Tomorrow this may change – Please be aware of this. So, those that are booked on for Tomorrow – your ticket starts at 1700hrs not before. If he stops us tomorrow then you will need to pack up for the evening! – this is out of our control. PLEASE keep an eye on social media and website tomorrow evening.

Thank you everyone for the support and understanding, its a difficult time for us all.


Angling Trust Post:

UPDATE: Q: Night Fishing – will it be allowed? A: Ok for now but….

NB: You will need to read all of this post to understand the situation fully.

As of this morning (May 12) there’s nothing in the published government documents that prohibits night fishing as opposed to visiting holiday homes or campsites as set out in section one of the guidance here: https://www.gov.uk/…/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can…

However, following the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday we have been informed that further guidance will be issued tomorrow (Wed 13th May) which will require people to return to their home every night. This would technically prevent anglers from fishing overnight.

The Angling Trust’s advice has always been to travel to fish in accordance with Government guidelines, and this remains the same.

However, we do not believe that the Government ever intended to place limits on the ability of anglers, or indeed others, to practice their sport at night and so we are seeking urgent clarification on this matter. Angling was added to the list of permitted activities on the basis of the proposals set out in the Angling Trust’s ‘When We Fish Again’ report and we did not foresee night fishing being a problem.

In the meantime we can only reiterate the need to follow the published Government guidance as far as it affects our sport. We will publish further updates when we know more.

Angling Trust
12th May 2020

Please remember that while we do not make the laws on this, with the support of the angling community we have been able to make sure that all forms of angling have been at the front of the queue, and in the minds of those that are making legislation.