Some good news about the access at Lakeside…


We have updated the access rules to Lakeside. Please note that these changes came in to effect after the book was printed. Please follow the rules below.

All general water rules apply plus the following:

  1. Maximum of 3 kilo of bait per 24 hours.
  2. Maximum stay on the water is 24 hours.
  3. Fishing is only allowed on the South bank apart from 4 swims on the North bank. Due to the access changes and installation of the parking adjacent swims the North bank swims will no longer be provided.
  4. Parking & Access

Anglers will no longer be able to access the pond via the security barrier near to the main office buildings.

Anglers may now only enter and exit the fishery via car park 2 which is at the far end of the Lakeside complex close to the motorway and by crossing the two wooden bridges. The first bridge will be locked via a bollard which will have a club lock on it. As usual the club lock should be locked after entering or leaving the water.

A maximum of 10 cars are allowed on the Lake at one time (except for authorised matches and fishery management tasks).

There is STRICTLY no movement of cars allowed either on or off the Lake between the hours of 07.30hrs and 10.30hrs on every Saturday morning due to runners being on the track. These rules will be strictly enforced and anyone failing to abide by them will face disciplinary action.

Members must be parked in the designated car parks as per the map or on the hard standing’s that are currently in the process of being installed. No parking on the grass or verges or alongside the roadway.

  1. Cars & Car Derived Vans Only – No larger Vans (2 Tonne Max on bridge)
  2. The speed limit is 5MPH.
  3. Security patrol 24 hours a day and have the final say, you must show your membership card if asked.
  4. You must have your membership cards with you as security will check them.
  5. No fly-fishing.
  6. We will at times require access to the lake restricted to foot traffic only for essential maintenance, events or due to ground conditions and or weather damage.