With the recent issues faced by local waters we have been working closely with the EA on how to react in the best way. Based on advice given to the Club from officials and experts, all waters will remain open. However, ALL members MUST ensure that their nets and unhooking equipment is washed and dried properly by exposing it to sunlight as this is the only way of killing the bacteria.

As an extra measure we have decided to also implement the following action to protect Club waters:
• Stop the use of exchange books – except for River Angling
• Stop issuing guest tickets
• Stop issuing day tickets until further notice.
• Stop the sale of new memberships until the new season

We will also be introducing new biosecurity measures at Brownwich to safeguard the fishery. As from the evening of Sunday 14th October 2018 the following will be implemented:
• All unhooking equipment such as nets, mats and slings WILL be provided, and MUST be used.
• All Club equipment should be treated with respect and left at the fishery secured to the post provided.
• DO NOT take any of the equipment away from the fishery. Anyone caught removing this equipment WILL face a disciplinary and possible theft charges with the police.
• No member should bring ANY unhooking equipment to the fishery. Anyone caught doing so will face disciplinary action.
• Spaces will also be limited for the foreseeable future at this water so ensure you book in early.

You, the members need to help us fight this disease as it will only take one damp net to infect our waters and possibly put us out of action for quite some time. Please remain vigilant and wash and dry your nets etc after use. They MUST be exposed to sunlight to kill the bacteria. Damp nets and stink bags are a sure way of spreading this disease. It is YOUR responsibility to wash and dry your equipment so please help us to secure your future fishing.

Portsmouth & District Angling Society
9th October 2018