Dear Members,

Since PDAS were forced to suspend access to our waters we’ve been overwhelmed by the dozens of messages of support and offers from members to maintain their original subscriptions to help support the club during these extraordinary times.

The positivity and empathy we have received towards our management of your club has been absolutely incredible, and just reminds us of what a fantastic community of members we have. This almost sounds a cliché now, but as a committee we are determined that the club not only survives but thrives after this pandemic ends.

PDAS is a non-profit community sports club and therefore each and every member, that is you, is a stakeholder in this club, and it cannot exist in its current form without each and every one of you and your membership contribution. We all want this pandemic to end and for our lives to return to normal, including returning to the fishing we love, at the venue of our choice. To be absolutely sure this will happen it is important that each and every member continues, wherever possible, to pay their subscription as it falls due. This is to ensure that the club can fulfill its financial obligations so that when fishing returns we still have the portfolio of waters we have right now and are in a position to maintain and develop them. We, of course, realise for some this may not be possible due to current circumstances.

Please be assured the whole committee is working very hard, in difficult circumstances, to preserve this club.

Stay home and stay safe and take care of your immediate family

Ian Snook