Please remember that first and foremost this is a charity match, however at the time of writing this we all must be mindful of social distancing still. So, please feel free to take the time to socialise with the anglers on either side of you, but at a safe distance. We are all there to raise money to support a fantastic charity and enjoying the fishing together.

We look forward to seeing those who have booked to fish. If you are interested we still might have a couple of spots to fill so please call Mike Alsop 07715 273667



All PDAS general rules and lake rules still apply for this match. Although some rules have been relaxed to allow you to socialise with others nearby albeit at a safe distance this doesn’t mean that all the rules have been relaxed so if in doubt check your handbook or ask an official.
All anglers must have suitable hand wipes or disinfectant. At this time masks are not required, but if you wish to wear one do so.
All anglers will need a suitable landing or unhooking mat suitable for carp if you do not have it with you will be asked to go home and get it before you can continue fishing.
Hammers / Mallets are banned and should not be used.
Strictly no alcohol or drugs.
All anglers must have a valid EA licence.
PDAS Members who have invited a guest will be responsible for their guests / non-members conduct.
Please respect the anglers on either side of you during the match. If in doubt on the limits of your swim discuss it with your neighbour before the start of the match.
Please ensure your swim is clear of all litter before leaving. Nev and his team spend hours keeping Lakeside looking good for us all so please take your rubbish home, do not fill the bins on site or leave your rubbish by the bins.
This is a friendly match for charity and the main PDAS social event of the year, but this does not mean you can wonder off leaving your rods unattended even if you have a remote bite alarm. Reel in and remove your bait first.
Respect your neighbours in terms of noise levels especially overnight. This includes the volume of your bite alarms and those wishing to spod out bait which might scare the carp away.
Bivvy door – Do not zip up the bivvy door.
Toilets – toilet facilities are available in the main building just inside the entrance.


This is a carp only match – other species will not count.
Two rods maximum per angler or per swim for those sharing the same swim.
Each angler must have and only use their own keep net and mats. Any anglers suspected of cheating by giving their carp to another angler will be disqualified and asked to leave or otherwise penalised by the match officials.
All anglers must have a suitable unhooking mat or carp cradle laid out ready at all times. When removing your keep net for the weigh in place your keep net on your mat to prepare it not on the ground. To ensure social distancing you will be given instructions at the first weigh in by the match officials so please follow these instructions.
No pre-baiting or flavouring the water before the start of the match.
You are allowed to plum up or cast out to clip up if casting to a feature or at range prior to the match starting.
Maximum of 3kg bait limit over 24hrs – Please be mindful of your neighbours if using a spod or similar to put out bait to build up your swim.


Please remember if it’s hot to wet your unhooking mat or cradle to cool it down before using it.
The water temperature is likely to be very warm in the shallows / margins so please ensure your keep net/s are fully extended and weighted down to allow the carp space to move around and seek the deeper cooler water while being retained.
Regular weigh-in’s will be conducted during day light hours and through into the evening, if you land a large carp (12lb+) during the day and we are enjoying very warm weather please contact Stephen or one of the other match officials to check when the next weigh-in is planned. Due to the number of anglers fishing some leeway has to be applied as the match officials cannot come running to you to weigh in every large carp you might catch.
If you are concerned that the carp you have caught are in distress or you have caught a lot in a short space of time (30lb+) please contact the officials ASAP.
Regular weigh-ins will be conducted by the match officials please follow their instructions to ensure everyone safety.
Finally, just to repeat again – All PDAS rules and lake rules apply. Anyone judged to be knowingly breaking the rules will be booked and asked to leave and will likely face a disciplinary hearing.

For this match there will be a rolling draw near the post in the far car park.
The draw will start at 12:00 (midday) so please do not arrive early as you will be asked to wait by your car in a line.

In turn you will draw your peg, once you have drawn please proceed directly to your peg and start setting up.

Please observe the speed limit.

If you arrive late and I’m not in the car park proceed to the match official area (Peg 32-35) where you will be able to draw from the remaining pegs.


Warning: there are drainage ditches between some of the swims, check before driving on the grass.

We have permission to park on the grass behind the swims or nearby where there are suitable spaces subject to the weather. If you are not able to park in the area of your swim there are plenty of spaces nearby, but please ask the nearest angler first if you can park there or use one of the main car parking areas.

Contact numbers should you need assistance during the match:

Stephen Foster 07837 173236

Mike Alsop 07715 273667

Jim Hayter 07751 996406

Jock Stevenson 07843 757529


Anglers with transit vans or large vehicles in excess of 2 tons you will need to drive back out of the parking area and then turn right and head back towards the shops and enter using the old entrance through the barrier then round on the footpath. See map below, follow the red arrows.