Many of you will be aware of the above Charity/social match, which has been held each year since 2012.

Under the current lockdown it cannot take place, but over the next 3 months that could well change.

We have nominated a cause for this year: Finlay Montague is a 5 year old in need of round the clock care. He has very little cognitive awareness, and is unable to do anything for himself.

I have met Finlay, his mother Nicola, and his younger sister and brother. After discussing ways in which we might help the family it was agreed that whatever sum we raise this year will contribute towards the cost of a sensory space in their home. Aural and visual stimuli could benefit not only Finlay but also his siblings.

Should Government guidelines change and we can hold this year’s match, even in modified form, we are ready to proceed. I have not yet abandoned hope!

My best wishes to you all. Stay safe.

Stephen Foster
Charity Coordinator