We will be issuing next seasons memberships as from March 13th 2017. All three shops, Rovers, Mannings and Daves will be equipped to deal with your memberships. You can also send your applications to me and I will deal with them as normal.

Please feel free to send your applications into me as early as you like so I can spread the work over the next few weeks.

Please note that only one passport photo is required for EXISTING members, and only 2 photos for new members. I do NOT require photos of Juveniles any longer, only Junior and above.

Also, please note that due to some dubious actions from some of our members, we have had to make some changes to the membership card and there will also be a charge for any replacement cards in the future, so please look after your cards and do not lose them. Replacement cards are only available from the Hon. Sec. in the future.

If you have any questions, please ring Roy Adams on 07507970910

Download a PDF Membership Form – HERE