1.1 The name of the Society shall be: PORTSMOUTH & DISTRICT ANGLING SOCIETY (PDAS)

1.2.0 The address of the Society shall be that of the Honorary Secretary.

1.3.0 The Society was formed in 1948.



2.1 The objectives of the Society are:

2.1.1 To provide fishing waters.

2.1.2 To promote good fellowship within the Society and with other angling clubs and Societies.

2.1.3 To educate all members by practical tuition.

2.1.4 To promote competition within the Society and with other angling clubs and Societies.

2.1.5 To promote specimen angling.

2.1.6 To encourage family pleasure angling.

2.1.7 To promote conservation and the improvement of the environment.

2.1.8 To promote a good image of angling.



3.1 President and Vice Presidents shall be nominated and elected every five years at the A.G.M.



The Management Committee consisting of:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman/Disciplinary Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary/Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fisheries Officer (FMO)
  • Media Officer (To be appointed by Committee due to requirements of IT knowledge – only needs to attend occasional meetings but must send in a monthly report.)
  • Grant Officer
  • Competition Secretary
  • Assistant to FMO
  • Deputy Disciplinary Officer
  • Three Floating Members

3.2.1 The position of Chairman and Secretary shall be elected by the membership at the A.G.M, but can only be nominated from the existing Management Committee.


The Constitution may only be amended by a General Meeting. Motions affecting the Constitution of the Society will only be carried if more than two thirds of the votes cast are in favour of the motion.




4.1.1 With the Chairman rests the authority of the Society. His/her prime concern is to chair and control the meetings of the Management Committee, Annual General and Extraordinary Meetings

4.1.2 The day to day decision making in between Management Committee meetings, with the other officers as and when necessary.

4.1.3 He/she is a signatory for the bank accounts and the

approval of expenses.


4.2.1 As above in the absence of the Chairman.

4.2.2 To chair disciplinary meetings and pursue judicial



4.3.1 Point of contact for the Club by answering all emails and phone calls regarding Club matters.

4.3.2 To attend committee meetings and report correspondence etc.

4.3.3 Organisation of the exchange books and ensuring they are delivered to each respective Club and their books are delivered to Manning’s and Paul Champion.

4.3.4 Recording of all disciplinary matters as and when they receive them from Disciplinary Chairman and/or Deputy Disciplinary Chairman.

4.3.5 To provide a list of banned members and those who have to apply to the Committee and to the

Membership Secretary.

4.3.6 To liaise with the Media Officer regarding future newsletters.

4.3.7 To transact the administration of the Society, including updating the constitution as and when necessary.


4.4.1 To be responsible of issuing memberships and the posting of such memberships.

4.4.2 To keep a full and accurate database of all members.

4.4.3 To record the membership in a breakdown of types of membership.

4.4.4 To ensure the shops are regularly visited to supply them with everything they need to deal with

membership renewals and new members.

4.4.5 To bank monies from membership fees, day tickets and guest tickets.

4.4.6 To ensure the Club keys are cut and supplied as and when necessary.

4.4.7 There will be no need to attend committee meetings for this role but will send details of membership each month to the Secretary and Treasurer.

4.4.8 To liaise with the Media Officer to print any necessary forms for membership renewals.

4.4.9 To have access to the membership account details.

4.5 TREASURER – Responsible to the Society for all financial matters, to keep books and to have the books annually audited.

4.5.1 A signatory on bank accounts and expenses.

4.5.2 All books of accounts are subject to annual audit by at least two auditors appointed at the A.G.M and in the presence of both the Chairman and Secretary.

4.5.3 The final accounts are to be published and signed by the Treasurer and the two auditors.

4.5.4 All banking and investment accounts, have withdrawal limitations requiring the additional signatures of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Honorary Secretary.

4.5.5 The Treasurer is specifically responsible for all questions of tax.

4.5.6 The Treasurer is responsible for the prudent and effective investment of cash balances.

4.5.7 The Treasurer is finally responsible for correct and timely payment of all expenses, receipts of income and the financial operation of the Society.

4.5.8 Bank / Cheque & Investment Accounts & Signatories

No 1. General Account of Society; Signatories, any Two (2) of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary or


No 2. Investment Deposit Account; Signatories, Treasurer and any One (1) of Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary.


4.6.1 Responsible for the upkeep of waters, fish stocks, tool stocks, development of and implementation of Fisheries Policy approved by the Management Committee.

4.6.2 To call and chair Pond Wardens and Bailiffs meetings two (2) times per year

4.6.3 Accountable for any PDAS monies held.

4.6.4 Answerable for the actions of Pond Wardens and Bailiffs.

4.6.5 To review in conjunction with the Pond Wardens, water rules and make recommendations to the Management Committee, for the alteration of water rules.


To assist the FMO in the day-to-day duties.

4.7 MEDIA OFFICER (To be appointed by Committee due to IT skills requirement)

4.7.1 To plan and carry out press coverage of Society activities and events where possible and to gain good publicity.

4.7.2 To answer for the Society when bad publicity occurs.

4.7.3 The creation of a Public Relations Policy for the Society with the approval of the Management Committee.

4.7.4 The creation of Marketing media for the club and its activities.

4.7.5 To maintain and oversee the club web site and forum and all digital media.

4.7.6 To maintain and implement the brand of the club and to ensure that the brand is upheld.

4.7.7 To be accountable to the Treasurer for any expenditure incurred in his duties


4.8.1 To carry out the research of any grants suitable to the PDAS.

4.8.2 To apply for and report on all applications in progress.

4.8.3 To liaise with and update the Committee to ensure projects are progressing at an expected rate.

4.8.4 To be responsible to the Treasurer for any expenses incurred in the process of obtaining a grant.


4.9.1 To plan and administer a program of competitions for the Society.

4.9.2 To administer all matters appertaining to competitions.

4.9.3 To call, hold and chair meetings of the match group.

4.9.4 Accountable to the Treasurer for the finance of the competitions.


4.10.1 To assist the Disciplinary Chairman in the day-to- day duties regarding disciplinary matters.

4.10.2 To stand in as the Disciplinary Chairman in his absence and pursue judicial consistency.

4.10.3 To monitor and improve where necessary the structure of disciplinary matters within PDAS

4.10.4 To provide a level of consistency of disciplinary matter with PDAS.


4.11.1 To assist in all committee duties as seen necessary

4.12 The committee will appoint a Junior Officer who will be responsible for the coaching of children and other members wherever necessary. Due to the need of a level 2 coaching qualification, this post will not be elected, but the holder will be appointed the committee and will be responsible to the committee.


4.13.1 The number of Trustees of the Society shall be four.

4.13.2 The Trustees shall hold office until death, resignation or removal from office by a resolution passed at an Extraordinary or Annual General Meeting.

4.13.3 There shall be vested in the Trustees all the property of the Society other than cash which will be under the control of the Treasurer.

4.13.4 The Trustees may deal with the property so vested in them by way of sale, mortgage, charge and lease or otherwise as directed by the Management Committee. Such direction by the Management Committee shall be given by a resolution passed by a majority vote at a duly convened meeting.

4.13.5 A certificate signed by the Chairman of the meeting shall be conclusive evidence that such a resolution was correctly passed.

4.13.6 The Trustees shall not personally be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever suffered by the Society as a result of the correct discharge of their respective duties on its behalf except such loss as arises from their respective wilful default. Liability of the Trustees will be limited to the assets of the Society.

4.14 MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE ELECTED – Sub Committees and other posts, responsible to the management committee as follows.

4.13.1 Disciplinary Committee – Is to be elected at the first Management Committee after the A.G.M. and is to consist of: The Vice Chairman and Three (3) other members.


5.1 All members must at all times speak through the Chair. In the event of any disruption during the meeting the Chairman has the right to ask the member(s) to leave, or to close the meeting.


5.2.1 No member shall be eligible for office who has already been on the Management Committee during the previous year and has not attended two-thirds of the monthly meetings of that year, unless reasonable cause has been shown for absence. 5.2.1 Is a Committee member of another Freshwater Angling Society.

5.2.3 Officers or Committee Members who have resigned or been removed for any reason, will not be eligible for re-election for two (2) years.

5.2.4 Resignations must be in writing to the Secretary.

5.2.5 Any vacant post may be filled with a co-opted member recommended by the Management Committee. Co-opted members shall retire at the next A.G.M and will be eligible for re-election.

5.2.6 Members nominated for election must declare all outside involvements, which could lead to a conflict with their ability to serve the Society. In addition, any conflicting involvements taken up whilst they are a member of the Management Committee must be declared to the Management Committee immediately.


6.1 The business of the Society shall be conducted by the Management Committee, which shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Fisheries Officer, Media Officer, Competition Secretary, Deputy Disciplinary Officer, Grant Officer and one other Committee Member.

6.2 For the purpose of conducting the business of the Society during a meeting, 6 of the members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum.

6.3 All discussions by the Management Committee, or its sub committees, are confidential.


7.1 Society has nine categories of membership: –

  • Adult (18 years and over)
  • Senior Citizen – Disabled (Registered Disabled)
  • Ordinary Student (18 years and over in full time Education)
  • Members Honorary Life Member*
  • Committee Member**
  • Junior (12 to 17 years of age inclusive)
  • Juvenile (up to and including 11 years)
  • Juvenile members are only allowed to fish when accompanied by a adult or associate member.
  • Juniors up to and including the age of 15 years may only night fish when accompanied by an adult member or associate member. Relevant age is taken from your date of birth on the day you join in all categories.
  • Associate (non-fishing member).

*Honorary Life Members shall be nominated by the Management Committee and or by the members present at the A.G.M., and endorsed by the A.G.M.

**Having been a member of the Society’s Committee for 2 or more continuous years is entitled to free Society membership whilst continuing to serve on the Committee.

7.1.1 All members must supply one (1) current passport photograph, complete an application form and pay an annual subscription current at the time. The committee reserve the right to refuse anyone’s membership.


7.2.1 Subscriptions and entrance fees are fixed by the Societies Management Committee.

7.2.2 The annual subscription shall become due from the 1st April and run until the season ends on the 31stMarch of the next year.

7.2.3 Should at any time your payment for membership be refused by Bank, Post Office, etc. Your membership shall cease immediately, and you will not be allowed to enter or fish any of the Society’s waters until such time as full payment plus an administration fee of £5 has been made and cleared by the Society’s bank.


7.3.1 The Committee shall expel from the Society any member for conduct, which in their opinion is

injurious or tends to be injurious to the interests of the Society or its objective or its members, but before expelling a member the Disciplinary Committee shall inquire into the members conduct and the member shall be given a reasonable opportunity to defend and justify himself/herself either in writing or by appearing before the Disciplinary Committee as the member shall elect. The Committee’s power to expel shall be on a majority vote of those present at the inquiry.

7.3.2 All members have a right of appeal to the Management Committee following a decision made by the Disciplinary Committee, if in their opinion they feel that they have been judged unfairly. All appeals must be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary within fourteen (14) days of the member receiving the Disciplinary Committee’s decision (See also 8.4 Appeals)

7.3.3 An expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership immediately upon expulsion but shall remain liable for any dues or debts to the society which remain payable or were incurred before the date of expulsion. The expelled member shall be liable to forfeit all claims to prizes, etc., and any other claims upon the Society.


The Membership card and Bailiffs card remains the property of PDAS at all time.

8.1 DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE – Is chosen from members of the Management Committee and is to consist of, The Vice Chairman (or any other officer in his absence) plus Three (3) other members. The 3 other members will contain not more than One (1) other Officer.


8.2.1 The Disciplinary Committee (D/C) will meet to consider all written complaints.

8.2.2 Allegations of mis-behaviour by Society members must be put in writing and addressed to the Honorary Secretary.

8.2.3 The Honorary Secretary will pass the complaint to the Vice-Chairman within 21 days. The D/C Chairman will advise the Hon Sec of two dates and time for the hearing and will in turn notify the accused member(s) of the same.

8.2.4 The Vice Chairman will in his letter to the accused confirm: 1. The complaint in full. 2. The time and date of the hearing. 3. Offer the accused a date and if he/ she does not respond then they will be judged in their absence. 4. That if the accused is not going to attend, it would be in their interest to send in a written statement pertaining to the charges. 5. That it is the accused responsibility to provide any witnesses supporting his/her case and to notify the secretary before the date of the hearing of any witnesses he she intends to call. 6. That failure to respond will not delay the disciplinary process.

8.2.5 The accused member and the originator of the complaint may make a written deposition to the

Disciplinary Committee and or call any witnesses.

8.2.6 The disciplinary Committee shall be available to sit monthly on the Wednesday evening following two or nine days after an ordinary committee meeting, if these days are not available then the next available date suitable for all parties involved.

8.3 THE HEARING – The hearing shall take place on either the first or second available prescribed Wednesday, or the nearest available evening (see above) providing that the accused is notified not less than seven days prior to the hearing and not more than 28 days after the alleged offence(s). If seven days’ notice cannot be given the hearing must be carried over to the following month. If the accused is not sent notification within 28 days of the alleged offence(s), disciplinary procedure may only continue at the discretion of the Management Committee, and only then if the meeting takes place within four months of when the alleged offence(s) took place

8.3.1 In exceptional cases where a period of four months has elapsed without action being taken, the committee reserve the right to actively legislate against an offending member

8.3.2 If the accused have not admitted guilt then the D/C will hear: 1. The Complainant, 2. The Accused Member(s), 3. Any witnesses for the complainant. 4.Any witnesses for the accused.

8.3.3 The D/C may recall any person for further discussion either one at a time or together.

8.3.4 If the accused is a juvenile or junior then all correspondence will be sent to the parent or

guardian, who will also be invited to the hearing. The parent should be informed that they may sit in but may not take part until requested by the Chairman.

8.3.5 Members found guilty at a Disciplinary Committee Hearing, will be informed at the hearing of the decision of the Committee and the penalties, which start as of that time and may be required to forfeit their membership card.

8.4 APPEALS – To the Management Committee against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision must be made in writing to the Society’s Honorary Secretary within 14 Days.

8.4.1 Both accused, defendant and associate have the right to appeal against a Disciplinary Committee decision.

8.4.2 The Management Committee will consider the appeal at an Appeal Hearing organised by the Honorary Secretary. 14 Days’ notice of the appeal hearing will be given to; 1. The Management Committee, 2. The Complainant. 3. The Accused.

8.4.3 The D/C Chairman will present the findings of the D/C at the Appeal Hearing and may call and present witnesses. The Accused are entitled to present their case. Questions may be asked as required. The appeal will be decided upon a majority vote of the Management Committee present, excluding the D/C Chairman. The Management Committee are empowered to maintain, reduce or increase penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Committee.


9.1 All motions must be proposed and seconded before being voted upon (Amendments take precedence to the Motion.) Chairman has casting vote.

9.1.1 The Management Committee shall have power to amend meeting arrangements in the best interest of the Society and such amendments shall be immediately notified to members.

9.1.2 There shall be a meeting of the Management Committee on the first Monday of each month.

9.1.3 STANDING ORDERS (Management Committee)

  1. Open the meeting
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the last Meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Correspondence
  6. Secretary’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Fisheries Manager’s Reports
  9. Competition Secretary’s Report
  10. Media Officers Report
  11. Grant Officers Report
  12. Special Items
  13. Any Other Business
  14. Date of next meeting
  15. Chairman closes the meeting.


9.2.1 All motions must be proposed and seconded before being voted upon. (Amendments take precedence to the Motion.) All Ordinary Members (as defined at 7.1.1 present shall be entitled to vote, and in the event of the voting being equal, the Chairman has a casting vote. The rules may only be altered by an Annual General Meeting, except as prescribed in 11. Motions affecting the Constitution of the Society will only be carried if more than two thirds of the votes cast, are in

favour of the motion. Voting will be by membership card or in the case of a ballot, on production of a membership card.

9.2.2 The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on the 3rd Thursday of November.

9.2.3 In each year when the Officers and Committee shall be elected and the accounts for the previous year shall be presented after having been certified correct by the Auditors.

9.2.4 All Motions or Rule changes or additions will be operative from the start of the following year, except if agreed by the A.G.M.


9.3.1 Notice of the date, time and place of any General Meeting, other than Annual General Meeting shall be sent to each member of the Society at their last known address or email address at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. Notice of the date, time and place of the Society’s Annual General Meeting shall be included in the Yearly Handbook.

9.3.2 Notice of Motions, to be moved at a General Meeting shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least twenty-one (21) days before the date of the meeting and shall be signed by the proposer and seconder, and at least eight (8) Society members. All Motions, unless ithdrawn, shall be included in the business of the meeting and notice shall be sent to each member of the Society at his/her last known address at least ten day before the date of the meeting.

9.3.3 Accidental omission to give notice to, or non-receipt of notice by any member shall not invalidate any of the proceedings of the meeting.


9.4.1 A minimum of 5% of Ordinary Members shall form a quorum at any General Meeting. No meeting shall become incompetent to transact business for want of a quorum arising after the chair has been taken. If there is no quorum present the meeting shall stand adjourned to the week following at the same time and the meeting so adjourned may proceed to business providing 20 ordinary members or more are present, not counting committee members.

9.4.2 At an A.G.M., the Chairman or in his/her absence, the Vice Chairman or in the absence of both, a committee member elected by the members present shall take the Chair.

9.4.3 All members must at all times speak through the Chair. In the event of any disruption during the meeting the Chairman has the right to ask the member(s) to leave, or to close the meeting.


  1. Open the Meeting
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of last A.G.M
  4. Matters arising
  5. Chairman’s Report.
  6. Secretary’s Report.
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Fisheries Manager’s Report
  9. Competition Secretary’s
  10. Media Officers Report
  11. Grant Officers Report
  12. Election of Officers & Committee
  13. Election of Auditors. (2 in no)
  14. Motions
  15. Any Other Business must be handed to the Chairman or Secretary before the start of the meeting and will be put to the members for their acceptance to the agenda.


The Secretary shall on the instructions of the Committee or on the written requisition of 20 ordinary members call an E.G.M. of the Society of which 14 days clear notice shall be sent to each member of the Society. Such notice to specify the business to be transacted and no business other than

that stated on the notice shall be considered. All motions or rule changes or additions will be operative from the start of the following year, except if 20 agreed by the E.G.M. The

meeting may only proceed to business providing 20 ordinary members or more are present not counting committee members.

9.6.1 The Management Committee may, if it feels that the motion calling an E.G.M is a Non-Competent Motion, refer the motion for legal advice prior to calling the E.G.M.

9.6.2 Committee Members and Officers may be voted off the Management Committee at an E.G.M provided 14 days clear notice of such intent is given.

9.7 ADMISSION TO ANY MEETING of the Society at which voting takes place, i.e. A.G.M./E.G.M. will be on production of membership card for the current year, non-members may attend when accompanied by a member, but not participate in the meeting.


The Society may be affiliated to such associations as may be decided by the Committee


The Management Committee have the power to make, amend and/or alter the general water or personal conduct rules without prior notice.

11.1 The Management Committee have the power to close any water without prior notice.


A Motion to dissolve the Society may only be carried at an A.G.M. or E.G.M. on a unanimous vote. Upon the motion of dissolution being passed the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer in office at that meeting shall become the Trustees of the assets of the Society. The Trustees shall convert at best the assets of the Society into cash, discharge all liabilities including the Trustees reasonable expenses. Then distribute the balance equally amongst the “Ordinary Members” of the Society.

Membership of the Society will be taken from a date six (6) months before the motion for the dissolution was passed. No memberships, new or renewals will be issued from the date the

motion is received by the committee.

Revised A.G.M. 20/12/17