1. Ignorance of these rules cannot be used as an excuse for breaking them, and are all subject to disciplinary action.

2. Paid up full or junior members ONLY allowed to fish, and juvenile members only when accompanied by adult or associate (non fishing) members at all times. Juniors up to and including the age of 15 years may only night fish when accompanied by an adult or associate member.

3. All parking is at the car owners risk, the club is not liable.

4. Maximum stay on any Club water is 48 hours unless otherwise stated in an individual water rule, (see handbook). At the end of this period, you are required to leave the venue for a minimum period of 24hrs. This means in a 24 hour session you can only fish overnight once and in a 48 hour session you can fish 2 consecutive nights. Nights start 21.00hrs and end at sunrise.

5. For health and safety reasons the club has banned the consumption and possession of all alcohol and recreational drugs from all waters listed in the club handbook.

6. Any member who is asked to cease fishing, or leave the water, by a bailiff or landowner must do so immediately.

7. Membership cards must be carried at all times. Failure to produce the same to a bailiff or any other member of the Club when requested will render that person liable to be asked to leave the water. All members must be in possession of a valid rod licence.

8. Running, shouting and the use of inappropriate or bad language likely to cause offence to members, the general public and landowners, and any other action deemed likely to bring the Club into disrepute is strictly forbidden.

9.  (a) No unauthorised use of any boat, this includes bait boats.
(b) Absolutely no alterations to swims, bank sides and water levels.
(c) No damage to hedges & trees.
(d) No bonfires or disposable barbecues.
(e) No introduction of baits or markers by wading, swimming or boats of any description is allowed on all Club waters.
(f) The use of Mallets/Hammers is banned on all club waters.

10. No swim is to be occupied by either an angler or their tackle for a period longer than 60 minutes whilst un-fished. This rule allows you to reserve your swim, but not other swims for friends etc.

11. (a) Members are responsible for all litter found in their swim. All litter found in a swim on arrival must be cleared before starting to fish and all litter must be taken away from the venue when leaving.
(b) Absolutely no excrement to be left on any water or its surrounds. Any members found leaving excrement will be booked and face disciplinary action.


13. No fishing other than from defined swim stations. No fishing outside of the boundaries shown on water maps.

14. No fishing 2 hours before matches, please check match fixtures before a visit to the water.

15. Audio/Visual equipment may be used only if earphones or headphones are used.

Fish Welfare and Tackle

16. No fish coarse or game to be taken away from any water, all fish to be returned safely to water from which they were caught.

17. No keep nets to be used except in bonafide matches or for fishery management purposes. The retention of carp, pike and barbel is permitted for a maximum of 30 minutes provided they are retained in adequately sized purpose built sack.

18. No fish are to be allowed to come into direct contact with the ground.

19. Pike fishing can be carried out anytime throughout the season but only when the following rules are obeyed.
(a) Treble hooks when used must be semi barbless.
(b) Minimum breaking strain of line must be 15lbs.
(c) A wire trace must be used of at least 18in. length
(d) When live-baiting, only fish caught at the same venue on the same day may be used. No live fish can be taken from a venue or brought to a venue. No live-bait can be over 6ozs in weight.

(e) When dead baiting, only sea fish may be used.
(f) Disgorgers and or artery forceps must be carried and used when required.
(g) No types of gag, gaffs or tailers to be used.
(h) Junior and Juvenile member’s are not allowed to fish for pike unless accompanied and supervised by an experienced adult member.
(i) Braid may be used when spinning or lure fishing for pike and drop shotting.

20. Be aware that you can be asked to remove your tackle from the water at any time by a Club Bailiff to check that hooks, baits and/or rigs comply with club general and individual water rules. Failure to do so will result in you having to leave the water immediately and disciplinary action.

21. (a) Unhooking mats must be used at all times (including matches) on all waters, no fish are to come into contact with the ground. Minimum size 90 x 60cm with adequate padding must be used.
(b) No nut baits on any water.
(c) No pre-baiting on any water, except Brockhurst, and do not discard any excess bait in or around any swim on all waters.
(d) 1 kilo maximum of any mix of bait per visit e.g., boilies, corn, trout pellet, hemp, groundbait, etc, unless stated otherwise in an individual water rule.
(e) All particle seed baits must have been soaked and boiled before use.
(f) All hooks size 12 and smaller must be micro-barb or barbless.
(g) Disgorgers must be carried and used when required.

22. No more than two rods to be used, per angler except where otherwise specified in individual waters rules. Even then more than one rod may only be used when it does not encroach on water required by another angler. No casting over halfway on stillwaters, unless you are fishing opposite a non-defined fishing bank.

23. Braided mainline is banned on all Club waters, this does not affect the use of braid for a terminal tackle and for spod and marker rods. Please note rule 19(j)

24. No fixed rigs, only free running leads or feeders to be used.

25. No tilley lamps at any time. Torches must not be shone outside swim station area e.g. on or across the water, but may be used for safety reasons when entering or leaving a swim stations.

26. Landing nets of an appropriate size must be set up for each individual angler, at least one net minimum size of 20in. Please note: The net must be appropriate for the size of the targeted species.

27. NO TENTS, Only authentic angling shelters are permitted on any water.

28. Abuse of the booking system will result in disciplinary action being taken. Ensure you are booked in with Rovers before visiting Soake or Brownwich.

29. The otter gate at Soake Pond must be locked at all times, and not just shut. This is vital to safeguard the fishery. Anyone caught leaving it unlocked will be reported to disciplinary committee.

30. No firearms of any sort are allowed on PDAS waters, including air guns and rifles. The only exception are those bailiffs who are engaged by the committee for fishery and predation management purposes.

31. Any water may close at short notice for Fishery Management purposes.

32. No interfering with cormorant lines on any water. They are there from September to April to protect the fishery.

33. Fish must not be handled with a dry cloth under any circumstances.

The Committee reserve the right to alter any rules as they may see fit and to close any water at any time without prior notice. Revised 01/01/2020

Footnote: It may be worth remembering that many of these rules are designed to protect the fish stocks and your fishing, and some to protect the club from losing a fishery, however more have been because of problems and poor behaviour we have suffered in the past. Please fish and behave responsibly to help us reduce the chance of these rules increasing.

In addition to the General Rules, each member who joins the club agrees to the following Club Statement

Club Statement: The Portsmouth and District Angling Society will not accept nor tolerate any violence, threatening, intimidating or abusive behaviour what so ever towards any of its Members in whatever capacity or at any time. Any such conduct will result in Disciplinary action being taken against the offender which could include the immediate   expulsion from the Club and from all of its Venues with immediate effect and in exceptional circumstances may involve the Police and/or Legal proceedings being brought against the offender/offenders by the Club.

The Portsmouth and District Angling Society reserve the right to refuse any Membership request without reason at any time.


General Disclaimer:

Members use the clubs waters, car parks and associated facilities (including fishing stations and steps) at their own risk. The club will not accept liability for any accidents, loss, or damage incurred. The club does not offer refunds on memberships which have been cancelled for any reason.