2016 Charity Match Roundup & Results

Well this year’s event proved to be the biggest and most successful of them all. With over 40 competitors taking part and brilliant weather over the whole weekend. A great time was had by all, and lots of money was raised for Chris Paffett.

It was fantastic to see so many taking part, and many for the first time, some even fishing Lakeside for the first time and realising what a great fishery it has become. But it was equally great to see so many of my regulars who have supported me in the Charity match year after year, which we have now raised thousands of pounds.

The fishing was patchy in some areas, but it was great to see many different methods and baits being used to finally outwit a few of the carp.

Alain Fauville won the biggest fish trophy, which was kindly donated by Ivan Cutting this year. Alain went on to finish in second place so a massive well done to him.

The winner was Steve Harris who plugged away at his swim and managed to sort out a few of the larger specimens and eventually managing a winning weight of 63lb 8oz. Steve started off really slow but persevered and worked hard to win the match so a massive well done to Steve.

Young Matt had a great night session and caught 8 fish during the night to finish in third, and this was impressive as Matt is only 17yrs old.

I think it is fair to say that the vast majority enjoyed the event this year and will be supporting it again in the future, which is great for me to hear. I have read and received a lot of positive feedback, and it is encouraging to see this event go from strength to strength each year.

The raffle was very successful this year with over £1000 sales taken on the tickets alone. There were some fantastic prizes to be won and I can only thank everyone who kindly donated a prize this year. Without your generosity, this event would never be so successful.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we raised around £1500 on the day alone, and when we combine this with the money from the three memorial matches that Ian Snook runs, we should clear over £2000, which will make a big difference to Chris and his family.

I want to thank the many supporters who helped me with the running and weighing during the event as this made it a lot easier for me this year. Massive thanks to Mick, Jock, Mark, Jan, Pete and Keith for their help and company during the weekend.

I will end by saying sorry to anyone who I have missed, and a big thank you to all of you who helped and took part, I cannot do it without you. Your generosity astounds me, not just with the money donated, but also with the time that you all give to help others.

Sleep well in the knowledge you have all made a difference to someone worse of than yourself. It was a pleasure to share this event with you all.

Thank you
Roy Adams.

Results from the match

1. Stephen Harris 63 lbs 8 oz -Peg 47 (Pictured Above)
2. Allan F 61 lbs 8oz -Peg 46
3. Matt 6o lbs 12 oz -Peg 35
4. Toby Johns 55lbs 6 oz -Peg 43
5. Andy V 51lbs 14 oz -Peg 37
6. Karl 26 lbs 14 oz -Peg 34
7. Daniel Smith 21 lbs 0 oz -Peg 32
8. Lee Connel 18 lbs 6 oz -Peg 12
9. John Ramsey 17 lbs 4 oz -Peg 16
10.Tony Johns 16 lbs 10 oz -Peg 44
11.Barry Smith 14 lbs 4 oz -Peg 38
12.Dean Sargent 13 lbs 15 oz-Peg 3
13.Rod Legg 13 lbs 10 oz-Peg 52
14.Ashley 9 lbs 8 oz -peg 25
15.Bryan Snelling 8 lbs 14oz -Peg 33
16.Paul Schofield 8 lbs 8oz -Peg 4
17.Keith Bates 5 lbs 14oz -Peg 40
18.Darren Hughes 5 lbs 12 oz-Peg 14
19.Rudy D 4lbs 8 oz -Peg 31
20.Adie Cole 3lbs 2 oz -peg 19
21.Marcel&Toby 2lbs 0 oz -Peg 18
22.Dave Clarke 3 oz -Peg 50

Rest did not weigh despite a few of them catching fish. It was nice to see a lot of small carp showing. These are the first that have come through for a number of years

PDAS Charity Fund

Portsmouth & District Angling Society, Charity Fund is to provide the ability to help others.

PDAS Charity Account

The purpose of this account is two-fold.

1. To collect the funds which are donated by others for whatever reason, and to provide an account where members and non-members may donate funds.

2. To provide a level of support to those in need, and to make spontaneous random gestures of kindness to those who would benefit in times of need.

This account is entirely a charitable vehicle to help others, and no monies donated to the account will be used for any other purpose.
These will include personal donations from those who wish to donate to help others who are in need and after a sad loss of a PDAS member where the family wished to donate to the Club rather than the purchase of flowers.

All cheques made payable : Portsmouth & District Angling Society or for donations via BACs then to: PDAS Charity Account, sort code : 20 69 34, account no. 20926345


24hr Carp Charity Match at Lakeside, August 13th/14th 2016

Hi all, as you are aware, we are running our annual Charity Match in aid of Chris Paffett this year, so if you are interested in taking part, please put your name down on this thread. There is a £10 fee which all goes to charity.

The day starts 1pm on Saturday 13th at Lakeside with a draw and a barbecue. It is here where the rules are explained and we all get to know each other. The match starts at 3pm and will continue for the 24hr period until 3pm on the Sunday. If you do to wish to stay the night, then please don’t worry. You can come and go as you please. But if you would like to stay the night and need a bivvy etc, I am sure we can sort you out.

It is a really relaxed event with the aim of raising money whilst having a few laughs and giggles on the way. This event has grown each year and is becoming very popular, and I would like to thank those who have supported the vent in the past. These people will hopefully endorse the past events as hugely successful and great fun.

I am also looking for some helpers to assist me in the weighing and the general stewarding of the match.
So if you can spare anytime at all, please put your name down as either a helper or a participant. My number is in the book.

I am looking forward to meeting you all again.